About Alireza A. Aliabadi

Online Course Creator/Solutions Architect

From "Technical Instructor" to "Online Course Creator"

Alireza A. Aliabadi MCT

I started my career as technical instructor in 2000 when I was in Iran and in 2002 while I was working with New Horizons Dubai, I got my Microsoft Certified Trainer (MCT) credentials. I maintained my active MCT status till 2013 and after that I stopped teaching Microsoft Official Curriculum for training partners considering I was doing mostly consulting work for different public and private sector organizations in Canada. From 2013 to 2015 I worked as part time instructor at Seneca college (York Campus) for Continues Education Program (ASP .NET, Java Programming, Secure scripting with Python).

I started my YouTube channel in 2012 but until August 2016 that I started uploading a video series on YouTube about SharePoint Client-Side Object Model (CSOM), I didn’t notice the wonderful opportunity for teaching online courses. Those videos very quickly got lots of viewers and finally in May 2019 I launched my first online course on Udemy. Now creating online courses is my daily job, although part-time. I just home soon it will be my full-time work.

Freelance Consultant

From 2008 I started my own corporation in Canada and got into freelance consulting. My main area of interest has been SharePoint, .NET Development and business process automation (workflow development). I have worked and completed projects with every release of SharePoint from SharePoint 2003 to SharePoint online, from the days that we were celebrating a “Hello World!” webpart on SharePoint 2003 to the days of “Seriously? You still develop custom webparts!?”.

Among all SharePoint work that I have done, workflow design and development has always been my most exciting part. I always enjoyed InfoPath form design, creating UML diagrams and finally coding workflows from BizTalk server to Windows Workflow Foundation to SharePoint designer workflows till today that I live and breathe, Microsoft Power Platform (mainly Power Automate and Power Apps).


Not all my life is technology, computer and code. I have my other interests in life. I love outdoors. I enjoy fishing from trout fishing in spring to bowfishing carps in summer to ice fishing in winter.

love precision and shooting sports. I do archery, 10 meter air-rifle and international trap shooting. I enjoy photography and filming nature, birds and landscapes. Anything that takes me out of the house into the woods deserves my respect.